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On Faith and Trust Alone by Tessa Rae and Sethra is a Highlander/The Professionals crossover slash story (Duncan/Methos & Bodie/Doyle). Bodie and Doyle are ordered to keep one Duncan MacLeod under protective surveillance as it is believed he is a target for a serial killer (who just happens to be an Immortal). Duncan meets Adam Taylor--AKA Methos-- ten years prior to their meeting in the show and, of course, with Methos involved, things get very interesting very quickly. And, to make it even better, Connor arrives on the scene--he has a personal quarrel with the serial killer.
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Title: Asgre s Awydda (Heart's Desire)
Author: Princess Nat ([ profile] moonprincessnat on LJ)
Fandom: NCIS
Pairing/Characters: Gibbs/DiNozzo
Rating/Category: T (Teen)/Slash
Summary: Tony is missing, but there's a green eyed cat that just won't leave Gibbs alone...
Warnings: Some strong language
Word Count: around 10,000

Asgre s Awydda (Heart's Desire)
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This was my response to [ profile] ithidrial's Highlander Friending Meme:

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Mar. 3rd, 2008 02:24 pm
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Hindsight by rageprufrock (that was the name on the email, anyway) is an SGA AU Rodney/John slash story... and the story that dragged me into SGA fandom. I've been avoiding it for years, mostly because the character of Dr. McKay so annoyed me in both the SG-1 episodes he was in and the first few episodes of Atlantis. However, in fan fiction, I discovered that he's much easier to take. Also, I'm completely smitten with John (and Ronan and Teyla are very cool). Anyway, in Hindsight, John is an FBI agent rather than an Air Force pilot. The reasons for this are slowly revealed in the story, so I won't go into it now. But this story completely rocks.
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Title: The Stairs, the Paper, and the Cannoli
Author: Princess Nat ([ profile] moonprincessnat on LJ)
Fandom: The Rundown
Pairing/Characters: Beck/Travis
Rating/Category: PG/Slash
Summary: Travis finds himself in trouble and Beck helps him pick up the pieces, but will the puzzle fit together once he has?
Warnings: some strong language
Notes:: Written for the [ profile] smallfandomfest fest02, prompt was "taking care of/looking after"
Word Count: 13,273

The Stairs, the Paper, and the Cannoli
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A Happy New Year by Nancy is a wonderful Rundown fic (Beck/Travis) set in Nancy's fascinating Romanology universe. (Basically, it's a world in which Rome never fell and slavery never fell out of fashion.) Feeling a bit lonesome, Beck decides to purchase a slave. Of course, being Beck, he goes looking for the trouble slaves and discovers Travis. A battered and broken Travis, but still, Beck feels a connection. This story made me very happy, as I love a protective Beck.
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I just played through and finished LOTR: The Third Age in one week. My husband was astounded. Anyway, I really enjoyed the game and wondered if anyone could recommend a similar game for me to play next. I loved the look of the game--the graphics were beautiful-- and, of course, the music was great, as they used pieces from the movie score. And, there weren't huge blocks of text to read through--all the dialog was in the cut scenes. It's the first turn-based combat RPG I've played as a video game, and I really liked it. The action RPGs, such as Champions of Norrath or Justice League Heroes, I prefer to play with someone, as I'm just not very good at real time combat. I get a bit too excited with the button mashing and get killed when I forget to keep an eye on my health bar. Usually, my husband has to finish off the main boss by himself. ;-) So, suggestions?
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Just found this site today -- Seems like a cool site for finding fan-related content. Of course, the more people who add listings, the more stuff people will be able to find. I'm going to add the ones I have, and hopefully other people will, too. Searching for fan fiction can sometimes be difficult, so anything that helps is good. :-)
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I discovered the [ profile] smallfandomfest community the other day, and they're holding a small fandom fest. Basically, it's for all those fandoms that don't have big archives and the like. I'm really excited 'cause two of my favorites are on the list: The Rundown and Live Free or Die Hard. Go, claim, write! :-)



Nov. 3rd, 2007 12:53 am
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Settle by [ profile] stillane is one of the rare Rundown (Travis/Beck) fics I've been able to find. And it's a good one, too. I love how the author portrays both Beck and Travis--Beck trying to discover a normal life while Travis wanders in and out like a stray cat. Of course, Travis being Travis, he ends up bringing trouble right to Beck's door...


Oct. 12th, 2007 12:13 pm
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Title: Relapse
Author: Princess Nat ([ profile] moonprincessnat)
Characters: Mulder/Krycek
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: X-Files and its characters do not belong to me.
Summary: In an alternate universe, the events in the parking garage go down a bit differently...

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Title: Cast in Darkness
Author: Princess Nat ([ profile] moonprincessnat)
Characters: Usagi, Mamoru, Senshi
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: Sailor Moon does not belong to me.
Summary: With a figure from Princess Serenity's past out to destroy her, Usagi finds she has much to lose, but her entire future to gain.
Note: Fairly long--41,224 words

Cast in Darkness
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The Crystal Tokyo Trilogy by Meara really consists of 2 stories (Fatal Exposure and Full Circle) and a WIP (The Quest). However, the first two are so good, that I just have to recommend them. They can stand by themselves, for the most part, anyway. I've recently been revisiting one of my first fandoms, Sailor Moon, so I thought I'd recommend one of my favorites. It's a future fic, as it begins when Usagi is just about to graduate and is getting ready for college. Trouble comes about, however, when the simple blood test that was part of her acceptance into college gets into the wrong hands. A scientist discovers that she's not human and plans to gain fame and fortune by revealing it to the world. And things just get even more complicated from there... The pairing is, of course, Usagi/Mamoru, but the other Senshi all play important roles, as well.
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I've been organizing things today and decided to post one of my older fics so I can stick it in Memories with the rest.

Title: Return of the Moon Princess
Author: [ profile] moonprincessnat
Characters: Usagi, Mamoru
Rating: G
Disclaimer: Sailor Moon does not belong to me.
Summary: Usagi is injured in an attack and when she wakes up she believes she is still Princess Serenity during the Silver Millenium.

Return of the Moon Princess


Aug. 16th, 2007 08:19 pm
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Forsaken by [ profile] zorrorojo is a brilliant Old West Magnificent Seven Slash story (Vin/Chris--of course!). The seven are chasing a real nasty bunch of outlaws and Comancheros--ones that enjoy torturing their victims before killing them, even women and children. Determined that the gang not get the gold the seven were able to reacquire during their first skirmish, Chris has them split up--sending Nathan and Josiah to bury it somewhere while the rest of them continue on the outlaws' trail. Unfortunately, Chris' group are taken prisoner and before all is said and done, Chris and Vin are in really bad shape. Most of the story then centers on Chris' response to the traumatic event, as he slowly comes to terms with the fact that he can't always protect those he cares about.. and that he actually cares about people again--Vin in particular. Oooh, this story is so good, I've read it three times already! :-)
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Courtesy Gibbous by Sealie is a Magnificent Seven fan fic set in the Little Britches ATF universe (Gen). I'm still shocked that I actually read kid fic of any sort, but I have to admit that I just can't resist Vin at any age (7 in this story). JD, on the other hand, really gets on my nerves at five years old. Happily, JD's part in the story is fairly small. The main action focuses on Chris, Vin and Ezra. A woman from Chris' pasts arrives on the scene when Vin (literally) bumps into her on the street. From then on, Chris begins to spend more time with the woman, Ella Gaines. Vin isn't very impressed with her, and Ezra is wary of her, yet Chris seems to be completely blind to the woman's nature. Needless to say, things soon get interesting and both Vin and Chris end up in the hospital. I especially like Ezra in this story--he's certainly taken to "unclehood," and is extremely protective of Vin.

Em7 Series

Jul. 13th, 2007 10:34 am
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The Em7 Series by Brigitta B is an alternate universe Magnificent Seven serial (Gen). Basically, the Em7 team is an elite unit formed to handle problems that the other agencies can't. As such, they have authority that supersedes that of other agencies. Needless to say, the other agencies are none too happy about that, so, in addition to completing almost impossible missions, the team also has to deal with those in the government who wish to shut them down. (Not to mention a 5 million dollar contract out on the life of one of their members, family problems, traitors within the government, amnesia, various injuries, etc...) There is a heavy emphasis on the strong friendship between Chris and Vin, though that isn't to say that the other characters get short shrift. Quite the contrary, in fact, as all of the characters contribute to the story and have their own side stories to complement the main arc.


Jun. 5th, 2007 12:30 pm
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Still-Heart by Sleeps With Coyotes ([ profile] ciceqi) is a long and very satisfying Highlander slash (Duncan/Methos) story. Her Methos is spot on and she develops a past for the Old Man that explains not only why he doesn't remember his time before taking his first head, but also how he became one of the Horsemen. Picking up just months after the end of the TV series, Methos is actively avoiding MacLeod as he's come to realize that what he wants from the Highlander isn't what he's going to get. However, he can't just leave, as he feels MacLeod still has need of his protection. Meanwhile, Methos starts having strange dreams about ancient Egypt... and before too long, the past comes crashing back into his life when an ancient enemy that is more than Immortal kills a bloody swath through Immortals and Watchers alike on a straight path towards Methos and Macleod. *Sigh* I love this story and have read it many, many times. Actually, all of Sleeps With Coyotes' Highlander stories are excellent and highly recommended. (Her Methos/Alex Krycek stories are not to be missed, either.)
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OK, normally, I reserve my LJ for just fan related stuff, but this sort of is... and it's scary:

TV Meme

May. 14th, 2007 02:57 pm
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