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Title: And Having Perhaps the Better Claim
Author: [ profile] moonprincessnat
Characters: Lex Luthor, Methos
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: Lex (Smallville) and Methos (Highlander) do not belong to me, more's the pity.
Warning: Some strong language... umm... maybe one word?
Summary: (Smallville/Highlander crossover) Lex Luthor has an unexpected visitor who tells him some hard truths and offers him a choice.

And Having Perhaps the Better Claim
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Made my first wallpaper last night. Ah, I love DVDs--nice, sharp pictures of your favorite characters. :-) Anyway, from Highlander, It's All About Adam, Adam Pierson, that is, Methos' milder alter ego. Feel free to download and use.
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Title: Seeing It Through
Author: [ profile] moonprincessnat
Characters: Methos, Connor, Joe
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: Methos, Connor, and Joe (and Highlander) are owned by Rysher: Panzer/Davis.
Warning: Umm, well, there is mention of torture and some of its consequences
Summary: When Methos is blinded by another Immortal, Connor and Joe try to convince him that he can still survive.
Notes: Written for the Highlander Spring Fever Challenge.

Seeing It Through

New Icon!

Mar. 4th, 2005 09:42 pm
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OK, so I'm trying something new. [ profile] beeej inspired me to try to make icons. With much help from my husband, here's my very first icon (feel free to grab and use as desired):

Aged to Perfection
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Changing of the Guard by Ecolea is a Stargate/Highlander crossover that mainly focuses on the characters of Methos and Col. Jack O'Neill. The series is pretty long, but very entertaining. The author does a good job of capturing the essences of these two characters as they form a strong bond of friendship. Methos discovers someone who accepts him as he is--no recriminations about his somewhat bloody past, and Jack is elated to find a fellow warrior that he can trust at his back and not have to worry so much about him getting killed. It all begins when Daniel is injured during a mission and recommends Adam Pierson to get started on some translations while he is recuperating. Unaware that the position has been offered by the Air Force, Adam (Methos) is expecting it to be something of a paid vacation. He gets much more than he bargained for when the Air Force discovers that he is Immortal.

The Plan

Mar. 19th, 2004 12:21 pm
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That's not really the actual name of the series, but it's the name I've given to this Highlander/X-Files crossover that consists of several shorter stories. Some are just snippets, but others are complete stories. This series is written by Eoen and Kethry. The series really gets going with "Comes a Horseman/Revelations 6:8" and continues to gain momentum in "Meetings." The series is currently unfinished, but the stories are satisfying in themselves. Many are retellings of Highlander episodes, but with twists. In "Comes a Horseman/Revelations 6:8," we learn how Methos came to be with the Horsemen and how the dynamics of the group worked. The X-Files parts are just small bits, at first, but become larger when Alex Krycek enters the picture in a big way in "Meetings." Alex, it turns out, is an immortal and one of Methos' students. The relationships between the various characters are what really make this series work. Some Macleod and Mulder bashing, but they're not completely OOC.
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A Trout in the Milk and its sequel, Fishcakes and Ryebread,by Tray are Highlander/X-Files crossover fics. Adam (Methos)/Walter Skinner, with intimations of Methos/Duncan. The story is told from Skinner's point of view, so it's interesting to see what he makes of Adam's behavior and strange snippets of conversation between Adam and Joe or Adam and Duncan. It seems that in the recent past, Adam had been held prisoner and tortured by a psycho who was trying to influence the outcome of the Game. Skinner tries to help Adam deal with the lingering trauma of his captivity, as well as figure out exactly what happened to Adam--the evidence found on scene just doesn't jive with Adam's physical condition and Adam isn't talking. The story becomes more intense in the sequel when Adam tries to explain his immortality. Skinner, convinced that Adam is delusional, stops him before he can demonstrate and then hides all the knives. Throw in the pyscho's escape, Duncan's appearance, and a missing Methos and you've got a very enthralling and well written tale.

(I finally figured out how the linking worked in JournalAlert. Yay! And, see, I do read other things besides Smallville. :-) )


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