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The Administration is a series of original slash stories written by Manna. And they totally blew me away. The author gives a fairly detailed description with all of the appropriate warnings on the page that I've linked to, so I won't do that here. However, I will say that the two main characters, Warrick and Toreth, grabbed me and wouldn't let go. The stories are of various lengths, with a couple being novel length. Those, of course, are my favorites. ;-) I keep visualizing Warrick as Kyle MacLachlan and Toreth as Sean Bean, but that's just me. Go. Read. Enjoy. :-)
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OMG, I just finished this novel length original slash fiction, The God Eaters, by Chartreuse (aka Jesse Hajicek). It was simply amazing. The characters, Kai and Ash, are thrown together when they are placed in the same cell after being arrested. Nothing alike, they still form an unlikely alliance as they plot to escape Churchrock, the prison within which those with Talents are held in order to be studied. Chartreuse does an excellent job of creating believable characters that you can empathize with, and the world she has created is well thought out and easy to visualize. I read the whole thing in one go, as I just couldn't put it down. The characters are well developed and grow and change as the story progresses. I really think she should have this story published. Very, very good.


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