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Happy happy joy joy! I received the DVD of the pilot episode of Airwolf today! (Ordered it off of ebay.) In honor of the occasion, I'll recommend an Airwolf story. Of Night and Fire by Vathara is an Airwolf/Sentinel crossover. A demoness from a past mission in which both Michael "Archangel" Goldsmith Briggs and James Ellison participated is killing off all members of the team that imprisoned her. The Airwolf team need to work together in order to keep her from claiming their friend and leader. Ellison, meanwhile, is still angry at Michael for the events of the mission, blaming him for the deaths of many of the members. Most of the story deals with the various bonds the characters have with one another--Airwolf links all of her pilots together, but Hawke and Michael seem to share a bond similar to that of Sentinel and Guide.
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Hey, look! A recommendation that's not Smallville! Roll the Bones by Vathara: This is a Sentinel/Yu-Gi-Oh crossover (Gen/PG-13). Even if you're not particularly fond of the the shows, the story is excellent. I especially like the relationships between Yugi/Yami and Seto--not sexual, but emotional. When Yugi/Yami is forced to kill a necromancer, he has difficulties dealing with his feelings of guilt and abandonment as his only remaining family (his grandfather) begins to pull away from him emotionally. Seto, who has been in a similar situation, reluctantly comes to his aid as they try to stop a duelist who has been bringing monsters from the Shadow Lands into the real world. To make things even more interesting, the story takes place in Cascade, Washington--home of a Sentinel and his Guide (who may have more in common with Yugi than either of them know).

I just have to say, all of Vathara's stories are excellent. Her Urban Legends stories are my favorites--many Airwolf crossovers! (I've always loved the Lady.) You can find her stories at or (this site isn't updated as frequently).


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