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Title: A Close Call
Author: [ profile] moonprincessnat
Characters: Lex Luthor, Clark Kent (Oh, and Bruce Wayne make an appearance or two... ;-))
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: Lex, Clark, and Bruce, alas, do not belong to me. *sigh*
Summary: (Smallville Clex) Being near Lex again after time apart reignites Clark's feelings for his friend.
Notes: This was written for the [ profile] a_clexian_tale fan fiction contest, with the prompt, "Love is friendship set on fire."

A Close Call
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Title: And Having Perhaps the Better Claim
Author: [ profile] moonprincessnat
Characters: Lex Luthor, Methos
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: Lex (Smallville) and Methos (Highlander) do not belong to me, more's the pity.
Warning: Some strong language... umm... maybe one word?
Summary: (Smallville/Highlander crossover) Lex Luthor has an unexpected visitor who tells him some hard truths and offers him a choice.

And Having Perhaps the Better Claim
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Title: Devil Inside
Author: [ profile] moonprincessnat
Written For: [ profile] jadedsilver
Request: Clex, domesticity, pillow fight
Comments/Notes: Written for the "Make Lex Happy" Challenge

Devil Inside )
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Hmm, the title says it all. ;-) This time, instead of a recommendation, I thought I'd share a little ficlet that I wrote. I guess it's a Smallville/JLA crossover future fic. PWP, and, I guess, it could be considered either General or Pre-Slash. Lex is ready for a change. (I just thought I'd share my Methos obsession with Lex. I think he'd empathize with Methos, since his relationship with Clark kind of reminds me of Methos' relationship with Duncan. *shrug* But maybe it's just me...)

Time for a Change )


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