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The T'Varon Chronicles by Gloria Fry are a series of Star Trek: The Original Series stories set in an alternate universe. In this universe, James Kirk is chosen to serve on an all-Vulcan starship in an attempt by the Federation to improve human/Vulcan relations. Kirk, who had always thought Vulcans above such things, is shocked to discover how prejudiced some of them really are about Vulcan superiority to humans. Spock, being half-human, is assigned to help Kirk adjust to life amongst Vulcans, but at first, Kirk finds him to be the most Vulcan of all. Slowly, however, as they get to know each other, a strong bond of friendship grows between the two. It was interesting to see the juxtaposition of Kirk and Spock in these stories--in this universe, Kirk is the lone human on a ship full of Vulcans and Spock is his superior officer. I really enjoyed watching the friendship between them grow, as Spock gradually allows some of his emotions to surface in order to help Kirk succeed in his mission. For his part, Kirk has to learn how to control his own very strong and often wild emotions so that he does not disturb the Vulcan crew.
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Ach, so now I've fallen deep into another fandom and I can't get out! ;-) Star Trek (TOS) is my new obsession. I've been reading fan fiction and even a pro novel--The Janus Gate by L.A. Graf. It was very good. Oooh, but for a really intense story, Price of the Phoenix and The Fate of the Phoenix by Sondra Marshak & Myrna Culbreath are not to be missed. The strong bond between Kirk and Spock takes center stage when the powerful Omne holds Kirk's very soul in his hands.

Oh, sorry, I was side tracked. Ahem. Anyway, I found this fascinating fan fiction story today--The Awakening by Istannor. Very mild slash with Kirk and Spock. Blink, and you can mostly miss the sexual connotations. The deep bond and emotional relationship, however, are plain to see. The Enterprise crew are helping to prepare a planet for a new Federation colony when it is discovered that an ancient alien starship resides in the very core of the planet. Of course, being as it is the Enterprise crew involved, the starship is still inhabited. ;-)


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