Mad Dogs

May. 6th, 2006 03:59 pm
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Mad Dogs by [ profile] ciceqi is X-Files slash (Mulder/Krycek). Alex appears just in time to rescue Mulder from some very angry drug dealers that he unwittingly stumbled upon while trying to locate one of the Consortium's labs. Mulder notices right away that Alex seems even less sane than before, and he is proved correct later on, when he just manages to stop Alex from killing himself. Finally admitting to himself that Alex is his and he is Alex's, Mulder decides that it's up to him to help Alex get himself back together. Of course, Mulder's plans hardly ever work out as expected, and it's not too long before Mulder's in bad shape and Alex has had to call in the cavalry--Scully and Skinner. The personalities of Mulder and Krycek really shine in this story, and, as always, Ladonna knows just how to make the characters live.
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Approaching Concinnity by Verily is X-Files slash (Mulder/Krycek). Story begins after Mulder has returned from the dead, but is not allowed back on the X-Files, instead he is given the choice of resigning or taking charge of the ISU, which is a department the Bureau would love to get rid of. Krycek keeps Mulder under surveillance, certain that he's important to the struggle against the aliens. And, of course, he's right. Mulder's profiling skills take center stage for the first part of the story, but then the alien invasion story grows more and more important as Mulder and Krycek work to stay ahead of the alien agenda.


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