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Onfindan by [ profile] astolat is an action/adventure/romance Merlin slash story (Merlin/Arthur). And it's simply beautiful. I've read it five times in the last couple of weeks. (It's on my iPod, so I can read it anywhere.) Merlin and Arthur are exactly what I want them to be, and their voices come through very clearly. As many Merlin stories do, Onfindan deals with Arthur discovering Merlin's secret, but that's only the beginning. As the story progresses, we see more and more glimpses of the men that Arthur and Merlin will become (and that Merlin is head over heels in love with his prince).

(Yes, yes, I've become obsessed with another fandom. And, for once, it's one in which many, many people are currently involved. ...That sentence looks very strange, but it's grammatically correct... If you haven't had a chance to catch Merlin yet, as it's on the BBC, I've read that NBC has picked it up to show this summer in the US.)

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