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Birthdate:Dec 18
Location:Michigan, United States of America
Website:The Walk-In Closet
Hmmm, what can I say? I have a wonderful husband, three Siamese cats, a turtle, and several Macintosh computers. (I had to mention the Macs, I spend so much time on my laptop that it's practically a part of me. I'm completely addicted to fan fiction, as you'll soon discover. And, yes, I'm over 18. ;-)

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a-team, abba, aimee mann, airwolf, alanis morissette, alison krauss, amanda quick, andre norton, anne mccaffrey, aragorn, aragorn/arwen, aragorn/legolas, archie goodwin, arwen, avatar, aziraphale/crowley, babylon 5, battlestar galactica, beatles, beck/travis, billy joel, boa, bodie/doyle, books, boston legal, buffy the vampire slayer, buffy/angel, burn notice, card captor sakura, charlaine harris, chris/vin, christopher beck, clannad, clex, coldplay, crossovers, dark/drad, delerium, dido, die hard, dn angel, donald strachey, donald/timmy, dresden files, duncan/methos, elvis presley, enya, eric clapton, eva cassidy, evanescence, eve dallas, fan fiction, fanfiction, fisher, galaxy rangers, gibbs, gibbs/dinozzo, good omens, han/leia, harry dresden, harry potter, harry/bob, highlander, house, house/wilson, houston knights, howard shore, i spy, imzadi, jack o'neill, jack sparrow, jack/will, janet evanovich, jayne castle, jd robb, jeff beal, jim butcher, john/delenn, john/matt, john/rodney, john/ronan, kirk/spock, knight rider, legolas, lethal weapon, leverage, lord of the rings, lotr, macintosh, magnificent seven, magnum pi, mercedes lackey, merlin, merlin/arthur, methos, mulder/krycek, ncis, nero wolfe, pm griffin, potc, queen, remus lupin, rex stout, robert b parker, robert heinlein, robin of sherwood, sailor moon, sarah mclachlan, satoshi/daisuke, seaquest, seatbelts, severus/remus, simon & simon, smallville, snupin, special unit 2, spenser for hire, star trek, star wars, stargate, stargate atlantis, stargate sg-1, starman, sting, talking heads, tatsumi/watari, the closer, the mentalist, the police, the professionals, the rundown, the sentinel, tony dinozzo, tsubasa, usagi/mamoru, v, veronica mars, video games, vin tanner, voltron, wally pleasant, witchblade, wolverine, x-files, x-men, xxxholic, yami no matsuei, yuki kajiura
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