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Run by [ profile] ddayspring is good old fashioned Clex (Smallville), set in the halycon days when Lex and Clark were still rescuing each other and having adventures a la Scooby Doo. When Clark hears that's Lex has been shot, he ditches school to rush to his friend's side and refuses to leave, even when Lex is forced on the run by more attempts on his life. Great fun. Clark works hard to keep Lex alive while Lex tries to determine just who it is that is behind the murder attempts. And, of course, Clark comes to the realization that he's in love with Lex. :-)
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The Oak and the Cypress by Mirtai is a very long and satisfying Smallville story (Clex, of course). It goes AU quite early, with Clark proclaiming to an exhausted and depressed Lex that he loves him on New Years Eve 2002. For Lex, that simple statement changes everything... which turns out to changing everything for Clark, as well. From that moment forward, Lex works to break away from his father and, with the help of Bruce Wayne, succeeds. The story follows Lex and Clark through the years and, though some things remain constant--Lex's desire to be President and Clark's need to save people--the one thing that holds true in this AU is that Lex and Clark are together as committed partners.
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The Identical Series by [ profile] lanning Cook is a completely enthralling Smallville Clex story. The Clark and Lex that exist in this universe are the ones that I wish existed in canon. A desperate Lex rising above his upbringing and learning what it really means to have family, Clark realizing that maybe he doesn't have to do everything on his own, and Eli, ooh, Eli is one of my favorite original characters--he's had to watch Lionel manipulate and castigate Lex for years, and he can't do it any longer--they are all rising up to be better than they were before, stronger as they stand together against what Lionel and his machinations have wrought. And I'll never be able to read or hear "Jabberwocky" again without visualizing Lex staggering through the woods during a Kansas winter. *shiver* The series is ongoing, but each chapter wraps up enough of its own mini plot that you can read them without feeling bereft.
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The Shadows and Stone series by Lacey McBain is simply brilliant! Clex in current time, but the stories set in Lex's early years are Lex/Bruce. And, wow, are those two intense. Even when Clark enters the picture, the connection between Lex and Bruce simply sizzles. Clark and Bruce don't exactly get along, but they have one thing in common--Lex. And they both want to protect him, which is difficult, considering how reckless Lex is and how ruthless Lionel is.

Oh, and if you're interested in some A-Team general fiction, check out Lacey's main page. It was just like watching an episode...
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The Presence of Fire by RivkaT is a future fic Clex story. The author's summary is: "The war Lex won, the war he lost, and the war he didn't know he was fighting." I've just recently reread the story, and must say that I love it every time I read it. The motivations that drive Lex and Clark to make the choices they do aren't always what one might expect, but they remain very true to the characters. Much of the story is told through flashbacks, which the author handles very well. While on her site, you might also want to check out her Smallville music videos. "Running Up That Hill" is my favorite, so far.
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Opposites and Choices by Wendi is a delightfully twisted Smallville/Justice League crossover set after Clark has graduated and is working at the Daily Planet. (Slash & Het both) It seems that not all is well in the superhero gig, and many of the costumed heroes need therapy--most especially Clark Kent, AKA Superman. The first three stories mostly deal with Clark trying to come to grips with who he is and who he wants to be (not to mention who he wants to be with...). Things become a bit more complicated, however, when Mxyzptlk arrives on the scene. Mxyzptlk is a combination of Q from the Star Trek franchise and Mojo from the X-Men. There are some truly wonderful Lex moments, and many scenes with the members of the Justice League talking to each other made me laugh out loud.


Jun. 15th, 2004 10:05 pm
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Pyrrhic by Perryvic and Kat Reitz, Smallville (Lex/Clark), slight crossover with Justice League. Just, wow. After Lionel is killed in a freak car accident, Clark (and Lex) discover just how manipulative and, well, twisted, the elder Luthor actually was. Clark helps Lex deal with the fallout when Lex is forced to drastic measures in order to escape the life his father had made for him. My description doesn't really do justice to the story, but I hate to say too much. Wonderful characterizations of Lex and Clark -- they're both a bit wary and hesitant, but still hopeful enough to give a relationship a chance.


May. 11th, 2004 10:37 am
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Wow, I'm currently making my way through Rhiannon's Orbiting series. Smallville, Lex/Clark, Romance/Drama. (If the site asks for user name and password, use "Clark" and then "Lex" for access.) This series begins when Clark is fifteen and Lex kisses him. The early chapters are really sweet as Lex is very careful with Clark, terrified that he might harm in some way as he had been harmed. As the series progresses, things get a bit more intense and darker as Clark struggles to deal Lex's many issues--lack of trust, difficulty expressing his feelings, occasional drug abuse when the pain gets to be too much, etc. Of course, Clark comes with his own special brand of troubles, as well. The commitment they both have to the relationship is strong, however, and each needs the other.
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Ah, the wonderful alternate universe known as Corner of the World by Serafina... In this version of Smallville, Lex and Clark share a very deep and emotional bond and both of them need to learn how to deal with it. Lex has spent the majority of his life hiding behind masks and it's very difficult for him to drop them. And Clark just wants to fit in and be "normal." A relationship with Lex Luthor is hardly conducive to such a wish. However, they both discover that what they need the most is each other. I will warn you, however, that the series is fairly long and still in progress. Once you get sucked in, it's very difficult to get back out in order to deal with RL issues, such as homework, class, dishes, etc. ;-)
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A Mad Season by Dolimir: Still Smallville, still Lex/Clark (of course! although there are hints of Lex/Bruce Wayne)--hmm, I think I'm going to be in this Smallville phase for awhile... This story is an AU that gives a different explanation of what happens after "Shattered." Sometime in the future, when Lex has become an accomplished corporate raider for his father (albeit one that operates completely legally), he meets Kal (Superman) in a park late one night. This simple meeting leads to terrible revelations for Lex about his life and his father. Wonderful interaction between Lex and Bruce when they're teenagers and, later, between Lex and Clark. You just want to give Lex a big hug and protect him from the evil that keeps trying to devour him.
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Keep Your Head Down by Tzigane and Kat: Umm, wow. This Smallville story just grabs you and keeps you. Major Lex owies, as he's kidnapped, tortured, and raped (not disgustingly graphic, but it happens). The majority of the story, however, deals with the aftermath and the effects the trauma has not only on Lex, but on his relationship with Clark, as well. Very well written. I was supposed to be studying for a Japanese test, but just couldn't stop reading. This story left me wanting more.
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Still in my Smallville phase, so here is "Golden Rule" by RivkaT: Slash, but very little sex is describe. This story is set about 10 years in the future and Superman and Lex Luthor have been enemies for quite some time. However, when Lex is injured and loses all memory of the past 10 years, Clark decides rewrite history. Lex is just as quick as ever, so Clark has to use all the experience he has accumulated in the past decade to keep up the ruse. One thing I really liked was that Lex immediately recognized Clark in his Superman persona and couldn't understand how no one else did. Lex and Clark fall easily back into the friendship they had during the early years in Smallville, and this time it's allowed to grow deeper without Clark's big secret keeping them apart.
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Today, I read Learning Experience by Vicky and Kat: Another Smallville fic, but this one is a mix of het/slash-Clark is rather confused about what/who he wants. This takes place during Clark's Junior year at Metropolis U. Chloe is also attending and Lex is in China. Clark meets someone new ;-) who makes him start to really think about his relationships with his friends. Feelings and secrets are revealed and Clark finally catches some clues. Very nicely written and the characters are recognizable--a little older, a bit more frustrated, but still the Smallville crew.
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Here it is, my first recommendation is for Smallville (Clex). "Time and Chance" by Dayspring: It's slash, but there are no graphic descriptions of sex. It's also MPreg, but the baby itself doesn't appear until the very end and has little to do with the actual story. Dayspring writes my favorite Lex ever. (I've already read the story 3 times!) Even though Clark is the alien, Lex is the one who is truly alienated. (I admit it, I'm a complete sucker for a hurting Lex.) Basically, in this universe, Clark accidently impregnates Lex and it actually makes sense. Of course, as Lex is male and not the same species as Clark, many problems arise. As the story progresses, the boys slowly accept the deeper feelings they have for each other and the fact that they are soon going to be parents. The relationships between Lex and the older Kents also develop and all the characters are allowed to grow and change. Hmmm, maybe I'll read it again now...:-)


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