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Still-Heart by Sleeps With Coyotes ([ profile] ciceqi) is a long and very satisfying Highlander slash (Duncan/Methos) story. Her Methos is spot on and she develops a past for the Old Man that explains not only why he doesn't remember his time before taking his first head, but also how he became one of the Horsemen. Picking up just months after the end of the TV series, Methos is actively avoiding MacLeod as he's come to realize that what he wants from the Highlander isn't what he's going to get. However, he can't just leave, as he feels MacLeod still has need of his protection. Meanwhile, Methos starts having strange dreams about ancient Egypt... and before too long, the past comes crashing back into his life when an ancient enemy that is more than Immortal kills a bloody swath through Immortals and Watchers alike on a straight path towards Methos and Macleod. *Sigh* I love this story and have read it many, many times. Actually, all of Sleeps With Coyotes' Highlander stories are excellent and highly recommended. (Her Methos/Alex Krycek stories are not to be missed, either.)
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Sacred Trust by [ profile] lanning is one of the best Highlander novels out there. Each time I read it, it seems like the first time. I'm completely sucked into the story and not only feel for Methos, but with him. (Actually, I think I cried three times the last time I read it.) The writing just rings so true, that you can't help but experience the emotions that the characters are going through. It is Duncan/Methos slash, but their relationship is really secondary to the plot (which is how I think it should be). In fact, we get to see the type of relationships that Methos has with several people--Duncan, Joe Dawson, Darius, and many more who we meet as the story progresses. The story begins a few weeks after Macleod has challenged and defeated Byron, one of Methos' students. Since that night, it seems that both the Highlander and the ROG have spent the majority of their time drunk--separately. Joe, Richie, and Amanda are trying to watch out for both of them, but the babysitting duty isn't going well. Duncan keeps reliving some of Methos' most painful memories in his dreams, and it's slowly driving him mad. Methos, for his part, seems bent on suicide by carelessness, and is waiting for Macleod to challenge him. Just as Joe has succeeded in uprooting Methos from his perch on Maurice's bar stool, they are nearly run over by a hysterical young Watcher who turns out to be Jack Shapiro's assistant. The Watcher is ranting about the Watcher bogeyman, an Immortal named Lucius who is responsible for the deaths of over 2000 Watchers. It seems that he's active again. What follows is a desperate chase as the Clan Macleod attempts to elude the grasp of the psychotic Immortal who hates all Watchers and Methos in particular.


Oct. 3rd, 2004 12:12 pm
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Voyagers by Laura Mason is a slash alternate universe version of Highlander. (Duncan/Methos, of course!) In this universe, Macleod first meets Methos on board a cruise ship and begins a love affair with the Immortal he knows as Michael Delon. For his part, Methos is taking a brief vacation as the wealthy Michael before setting up a new identity, as he believes that Adam Pierson's time is over. Joe Dawson, also on board, is very suspicious of Michael and uses his contacts to dig up all the information he can about the new Immortal in Macleod's life. The Watchers don't have much, but private investigators dig up info that suggests Michael is involved in rather unsavory activities. Disillusioned and angered by the information, Macleod confronts Michael and demands an explanation. Of course, Michael refuses, angry himself to learn that Macleod had him investigated. Hurt by Macleod's rejection, Methos returns to his Adam Pierson persona, but is soon drawn back into Macleod's orbit when he helps Richie Ryan out after the younger immortal dies in public in Paris. The relationship between Macleod and Methos continues to be fraught with highs and lows as rescues and favors mix with misunderstandings and completely different world views. A lovely series deals that very well with the complications involved in a relationship between two beings who come from vastly different backgrounds, yet who still desperately wish to be together.
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The Restoration Series by D.L. Witherspoon is one of the very first Highlander fan fiction stories I ever read. And, it's one of my favorites -- I reread it every few months or so just to revisit the characters. In this series, Methos is revealed to be so much more than anyone ever imagined, but he's still the same old loveable cynic and mischief maker. Macleod may have defeated Ahriman, but that demon looks like a pussy cat compared to the evil Methos is up against. I guess this would be considered General--Macleod and Methos have a very close friendship--no romance involved. One of the highlights of the series is the faculty at Seacouver University, where both Adam Pierson and Duncan Macleod teach. Their fellow professors have come up with all sorts of interesting explanations for the strange behaviour often exhibited by the two Immortals--Interpol agents, spies, super-heroes--it's a riot. This author has also written several very good Sentinel stories, as well. Her site hasn't been updated in over a year, but I keep checking in hopes that something new will appear. I keep hoping she'll do some more Highlander, or maybe enter the Smallville fandom... I'd love to see her write dialogue for Clark and Lex. ;-)

What If...

Aug. 14th, 2004 04:00 pm
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What If... by Tessa Rae is a slash (and alternate universe) retelling of each of the "Methos" episodes in Highlander: The Series. Very, very long! But completely fascinating. In this universe, it seems that Methos occasionally shares Quickenings with other Immortals about whom he feels very strongly. Of course, this includes Macleod. Many things remain the same as in the series, but with several very significant differences. (I don't want to spoil anything, though, so I won't point them out.) I really enjoyed the writing, and some of the dialog had me laughing out loud. Occasionally, Macleod seemed a bit out of character, but it didn't really bother me. **I will caution that Methos suffers more than anyone should, and there are passages of non-con and torture.**
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So, someone on one of the many fan fiction related mailing lists I'm on requested a recommendation for a Duncan/Methos amnesia fic. Immediately, Brothers and Other Strangers by Valentin came to mind. The story picks up after Revelation 6:8, and Methos has just returned to Paris. Depressed about the whole Horsemen fiasco and certain that Macleod will never want anything more to do with him, Methos drinks himself into oblivion. The next morning, Adam Pierson, age 35, doctoral candidate and owner of a bookstore, grabs a light jacket and heads out the door. Concerned when he discovers that Methos isn't carrying a sword and claims no knowledge of the Watchers, Joe Dawson sends Macleod to check up on him. Macleod, of course, thinks it's all a trick by the master manipulator, but events prove him wrong. Faced with Adam, a quiet scholar who absolutely refuses to touch a sword, Macleod slowly begins to realize that maybe what he thought he wanted (a gentler, kinder Methos), isn't what he wanted at all. I really love the dialog in this story--Adam's responses to the impossible situation in which he finds himself are just too funny!
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The Descent into Madness by Tessa Rae and Sharon Cross is a Highlander novel of the highest caliber. Set in an alternate universe in which Duncan and Methos meet while Tessa is still alive, the novel adds more elements into the Highlander universe, including a shapeshifting mutant Immortal created by a secret, sinister branch of the Watchers. Macleod feels an instant connection with Adam Pierson, even though he doesn't quite trust this Immortal posing as a Watcher. But when Adam's fiancee is murdered by James Horton, Macleod brings Adam home with him. From that point forward, the two have to deal with the murdering mutant, fanatical Hunter Watchers, and bad news Immortals out to take the head of the eldest Immortal. Go, read. (Umm, you might want to block out some time, though. Once you start, it's hard to stop and the story is novel length.)


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